About ZagLabs

At EXILANT, we believe it’s the do-er and the maker who will shape the future of technology in coming years. We live in exciting times, where the next competition to large corporations will come from individual entrepreneurs tinkering in their garage. These are people who have the skill and the drive to define the technology roadmap for our future generations.

With that belief, ZagLabs was born – to encourage and to promote the  techno-entrepreneur who has the next big technology idea, the ability to execute and to completely redefine the information and communications technology landscape.

We are here to support, promote and encourage our employees as well as external entrepreneurs who want to take the next big leap in technology. We provide the required support in terms of office space, technology creation, patent filing, funding, marketing … you name it. We are not the regular VC, instead, we are partners and are looking to jointly build the next great offering.

If you have a great idea, the required technical skills and the drive, then look no further…ZagLabs is there on your side.

Do you have it in you!

Our Focus Areas

We understand that there are way too many avenues for everyone to experiment and shape the future. While we appreciate every improvement, new invention or idea that benefits the humankind, it would be difficult for us to support a very large technology space. Therefore, to ensure that our skills and resources are utilized optimally, we are currently focusing on the following technology areas


How to Engage with ZagLabs

We have named the entire process, from ideation to commercialization as i4mation. It’s a simple 4-step process as outlined below


Ideation – If you think you have a great idea that falls in one of the defined focus areas, then you are welcome to talk to us. If you are not an employee, then you can send us a note at zaglabs@exilant.com (This email id must be put as image and not text to prevent spamming). Please do not send your idea in the first email, just let us know your intent and we will proceed after taking care of legal aspects.


Invention – Once ZagLabs takes up the idea, we start the journey of creating the set of technologies that will help realize the end product. Please note, an idea that does not have IP creation opportunity stands very little chance of support from ZagLabs.


Incubation – A successful invention is then provided enough support to be setup as a small unit so that it can create the end-product that is commercially viable. This is where you setup a development and sales team.


Incorporation – Finally, once the end-product is ready, it’s time to sell and create a sustainable revenue stream. In this step, an independent unit is created so that it can eventually turn up profitable.


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