Now that you realize that every growth potential counts, take total control of your sales with SalesPulsePro.

  • What is your current status of bookings, billings and backlogs? What is the status, if there are cancellations?
  • What is the delivery status of any order at any time? Would you know if there are any delays and can you track the reason for the delay?
  • Are there any hidden patterns in your sales data that can yield better revenues? Can the insights help in faster revenue generation?
  • Do you have a Pulse on your Sales funnel? How to tap into opportunities, understand the obstacles and get your timings right for effective conversions?


Get smart sales intelligence and business insights to work for you!

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


SalesPulsePro includes:

Bookings Billings and Backlog Report

Know what has been booked, billed and what is pending to invoice. Apply the knowledge to arrive at refined approach to increase booking and billings and avoid backlog situations.

Order Delivery Analysis

Get analysis of lead times on the orders booked v/s time taken to complete invoicing and delivery . Use the insight to find out more about your internal sales cycles

Conversion Analysis

Understand the time taken to convert enquiries to confirmed orders. Know which items are being converted. Use the insight to go to market better prepared.

Booked Delivered and Cancelled Items Analysis

Find out how much percentage of orders are getting cancelled versus the amounts delivered. Use the insight to work out better terms with customers

Sales MIS Report

Know the analysis on delivery status on confirmed orders and the reason for delay. Use the insight to arrive at corrective actions.

High and Low Order Value Analysis

Find out order variations from customers region wise, sales man wise. Use the insight to drive more sales.

Customers can also choose to use:

Creation of Enquiries, Quotes, Orders, Sales Invoice, Sales Returns, Collections and Item Receipts. Maintenance of information about customers, items, tax rules and terms and conditions. It also allows management controls by separation of clerical and supervisory functions.

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