There is a difference between decisions and right decisions. Its time you put your finger on your sales to feel its pulse, analyze and decide right.

  • Which of your products need to move faster? Which one needs attention?
  • Who are your top customers and who are your potential customers? Who needs more attention?
  • Which is the best season? Which are the seasons which have potential and not realized before?
  • Who needs more credit? And whose credit needs to be altered?

Get sales decision intelligence to work for you today!

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


SalesPulse includes:

Fast/Slow/Non Moving Report

Analyze what your customers are buying to determine fast moving items. Reduce the risk of stockouts. Use understanding of demand to procure at best price.

Seasonal v/s Perennial Movement Report

Identify seasonal variations in demand. Know the items which are always in demand. Use the insight to streamline planning.

Stock v/s Bought out Item Analysis

Analyze the mix of bought out v/s stock items to determine how their contributions are impacting margin. Apply the knowledge to arrive at a strategy to alter the mix and improve the margin.

Commission Analysis

Assess the payout of commissions to sales people. Know who the top performers are. Use the insight to design better incentive plans.

Region Wise Sales Report

Know how your sales have fared compared to your own defined geographic divisions. Use the insight to remark your divisions or re-ignite your sales.

Customer Analysis

Identify who your top customers are and what they are buying. Use the information to improve planning to meet their needs and determine pricing policy.

Sales Target v/s Actual Report

Get the information on actual sales done against targets. Assess the payout of commissions to sales people. Know who your top performers are. Use the information to refine targets for sales team, product and region.

Collection Analysis Report

Get knowledge of on-time and delayed collections. Use the insight to refine collection processes and have better fund availability.

Customers can also choose to use at no extra cost:

Creation of Sales Invoice, Sales Returns, Collections and Item Receipts. Maintenance of information about customers, items, tax rules and terms and conditions. It also allows management controls by separation of clerical and supervisory functions.

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