There is a difference between decisions and right decisions. Its time you put your finger on your purchase to feel its pulse, analyze and decide right.

  • Who are your top suppliers? Who are your suppliers meeting your required standards, Consistently, in time?
  • When can you get better prices for your materials? How can you get keep your expenses at a minimum?
  • How can you determine the right inventory? Which of your materials needs active inventory planning?
  • How can you justify agent commissions and improve agent’s efficiency?


Get Vendor Management intelligence to work for you today!

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


PurchasePulse includes:

Vendor Performance Analysis

Analyze vendors on deliveries against quantity, quality and lead time. Usage: Always source from the best or to plan early.

Expenses Analysis

Get accurate fixed overheads against frequencies of transactions across months/years. Usage: Reduce overheads.

Fast/Slow/Non Moving Report

Analyze what you need to determine slow moving items. Reduce the risk of overstock. Usage: Have just right inventory.

Seasonal v/s Perennial Movement Report

Identify seasonal variations in your usage. Know the items which are always required. Usage: Streamline purchase planning.

Purchase Credit Report

Know your suppliers in terms of volume, value and frequency of purchases. Usage: Work out better terms of business with them.

Agent Analysis

Have complete data on deliveries from agent linked suppliers on quantity, quality and lead time. Usage: Justify agent commissions and improve agent efficiency.

Customers can also choose to use:

Creation of Purchase Invoice, Vendor Returns, Payment and Item Receipts. Maintenance of information about suppliers, items, tax rules and agents. It also allows management controls by separation of clerical and supervisory functions.

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Understand which of your products are fast moving, seasonal. Determine who your top customers are. Make better decisions in extending credit.


Improve your purchase process by choosing right vendors. Refine your purchase processes by knowing product demands in the market. Use the insight to make better purchase decisions and control expenses.


Get real time information on current status of operations against customer orders. Have visibility on resource availability against current plans. Get control on material issues, consumptions and wastages.


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