Understand the selling parameters for fast moving and high revenue yielding properties. Determine who your potential customers are.

  • Which are the premium units as per buyer’s interests?
  • What is the real time status of units across the projects?
  • What is the expected number of deals to be closed in next week / month?
  • Which are the potential enquiries to be followed up?
  • How to ease the site visit planning and vehicle booking?
  • What is the prospect visit V/S booking ratio?


Get Property Sales decision intelligence to work for you today!

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


PropertySalesPulsePro enables decisions on the following:

Blocked, Booking Ratio

Know what has been blocked and booked and what is pending for sales completion. Apply the knowledge to arrive at refined approach to complete the sales processes and increase sales.

Margin Analysis

Get analysis on the list price and actual sale price across unit types, units and projects. Use this insight to find out more about sales team effectiveness and improvement needs in sales strategies.

Sales Trends

Understand the unit sales to various customers, on their personal data and buying patterns. Use the insight to flush it back as market data for better preparations of sales strategies.

Collection Analysis

Know the collection details to analyze on-time and delayed payment from the customers against the terms & conditions. Apply this knowledge to refine collection processes.

Sales Target V/s Performance Analysis

Get analysis on specific and all projects, project wise and unit type wise. Track sales targets and achieved performance for defined periods (yearly and monthly).

Sales man /Agent Analysis

Get sales person analysis from project wise/unit type wise sales performance. Track their lead times to complete unit sale cycle.

Revenue Analysis

Get knowledge on real time analysis between the Revenue Forecast and actuals. The insight helps improving the sales processes and having control on revenue leakage.

Deposit Analysis

Get analysis on the deposits made V/S realized payments from segment of customers, projects into specific and all accounts over a period.

Customers can also choose to use at no extra cost:

Creation of property definitions, unit types, sale agreement templates, amenities and break up of parameters for selling price. Maintenance of information about owners, buyers, units, taxes and terms & conditions. It also allows to define targets for sales team , generating reports on specific unit and project level MIS information.

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Understand which of the units are most wanted and yields high revenue. Determine who your potential customers are.


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