Understand which of the maintenance activities are costing you each month. Determine the various expense parameters common for property or specific to individual unit. Make better decisions on service planning and expenses.

  • Which are the maintenance activities costing more every month?
  • Which are the units getting into frequent maintenance activities?
  • What is the service request V/S fulfillment ratio for a given period?
  • What is the planned V/S completion analysis?
  • Who are the preffered vendors with best performance in terms of lesser lead time / lower cost / higher quality?
  • What is the equipment usage analysis?
  • What is the material consumption analysis?
  • What is the amount pending for collections from owners and payments to vendor?


Get Property Maintenance decision intelligence to work for you today!


  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


PropertyMaintenancePulse enables decisions on the following:

Members & Contributions

Get regular updates on active members involved in maintaining the property, their contributions against the assigned responsibilities. Use this insight for better planning and executing the required activities at scheduled time / periods.

Facilities & Equipment Utilization

Get analysis on the facilities and equipment usage by the tenants and servicing people. This helps in planning for periodical maintenance and effective management of the facilities booking for events.

Material Consumption Analysis

Understand the procurement and consumption ratio of the materials  being used for maintenance. Use the knowledge to drive better planning on keeping proper inventory of materials  at stores

Expense Analysis

Get analysis on the expenses incurred for common facilities and specific units. Track and collect funds / payments from all owners / tenants or specific tenants based on the type and frequency of expenses.

Maintenance Activities Analysis

Know how your sales have fared compared to your own defined geographic divisions. Use the insight to remark your divisions or re-ignite your sales.

Vendor Contracts

Know your preferred vendors, their contracts and performance history for periodical maintenance activities. Use this in sight to plan for cash flow to manage the periodical payments or alternate planning based on vendor performance.

Effective & Simple Accounting

Seamless integration with Cash & cheque payment/receipts, from/to tenants and owners. Enable the property manager to have financial statements with real time data.


Get knowledge of on-time and delayed collections. Use the insight to refine collection processes and have better fund availability.

Customers can also choose to use at no extra cost:

Creation of property definitions, unit types, sale agreement templates, amenities and break up of parameters for selling price. Maintenance of information about owners, buyers, units, taxes and terms & conditions. It also allows to define targets for sales team, generating reports on specific unit and project level MIS information.

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