There is a difference between manufacturing and manufacturing right. Its time you put your finger on your production process, to feel its pulse, analyze and decide right.

  • What is the current stock status at this moment? What is the trend likely to be in the future?
  • What are the timelines to make and deliver your products? Is there anything holding up your production line? How can you expedite your orders?
  • How efficiently are you utilizing your current men and machines? How can you run your shop floor optimally?
  • Is there a difference between your actual costs of manufacturing against the expected costs? How can you bridge the difference?


Get Manufacturing Intelligence to work for you today!

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


ManufacturingPulse includes:

Inventory Analysis

Get complete view of your stock across stores and statuses. Use the insight to plan deliveries based on real time stock.

Material Requirement Analysis

Know your material requirement in advance for future production plans. Apply this knowledge to get material inward on time considering the lead time of the procurement cycle and avoid production halts.

Resource Utilization Report

Get actual man and machine efforts spent analysis against the plan and expected output. Apply this knowledge to increase productivity by assigning right resources for the operations.

Planning by Item

Know the Current Lead time and delivery date by each item for each order. Use the information to strategize on incoming orders

Production Status Report

Get real time information on status against various operations of customer orders. Use this information to get ready for subsequent activities and updates to customer.

Production cost Analysis

Know the stage wise and overall production cost including material, resources and overhead costs against the plan. Apply this knowledge to fine tune parameters for entire production cycle.

Customers can also choose to use:

Creation and maintenance of Operations, Resources, Routing and Bill of Materials. Developing a production plan, preparation of Costing, serialization of products, generating MRP, issue of Work Order and record of actual execution data. It also allows management controls by separation of clerical and supervisory functions.

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