Understand which of the unit types are most wanted and yields high revenue . Determine who your top tenants are. Make better decisions on nearing lease expiry.

  • What is the ageing of vacant units?
  • What is the occupied V/S vacant unit ratio?
  • What is the expected revenue?
  • What is the payment due and over due from tenant?
  • What is the payment due from owner?
  • What is the periodical payout pending to owner?


Get Rentals & Leasing decision intelligence to work for you today!

  • Easy and quick to implement
  • Anytime anywhere online access
  • Wide range of analytical capability
  • Choice to select and upgrade plans progressively
  • Adapts to any software in use


LeasePulse enables decisions on the following:

Business Plan Using Vacancy Statistics

Prior notifications on lease expiry well in advance. Enable property managers to plan for advertisements, fix new pricing for units as per market rates and demands.

Cash Outflow Management

Real time notifications and automated calculations facilitates the on-time payments for owner, tenant refunds and other periodical expenses..


Collections and bank deposits info enables to generate receipt only for realized payments, by getting real time information on unrealized and un-deposited cheques.


Assess the revenue through commission calculations from full, partial lease and tenant payments.

Effective Lease Management

Timely notifications for better management and control at every stage of lease agreement such as signing stage, security deposit collection and legal approval.

Tenant Knowledge

Know your tenant better with their profile information and also from the transactional behaviors on timely payments, maintenance of unit and completion of lease signing and termination formalities.

Effective and Simple Accounting

Seamless integration with Cash & cheque payment/receipts, to/from tenants and owners, enables the property manager to have financial statements at real time.


Get knowledge of on-time and delayed collections. Use the insight to refine collection processes and have better fund availability.

Customers can also choose to use at no extra cost:

Creation of property definitions, unit types, lease templates, fee rules and parameters for automated calculations. Maintenance of information about owners, tenants, units, taxes and terms & conditions. It also allows property managers to get property specific and consolidated MIS information.

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