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Cloud is fundamentally changing the IT ecosystem with Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), Application as a Service (SaaS), and beyond that with Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

Platform as a Service allows users to create software applications using services/ roles supplied by the provider. PaaS services can consist of pre- configured features that customers can subscribe to; they can choose to include the features that meet their requirements while discarding those that do not. Consequently, packages can vary from offering simple point-and-click frameworks where no client side hosting expertise is required to supplying the infrastructure options for advanced development.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) fills the needs of those who want to build and run custom applications as services. These could be value-added service providers, enterprise IT shops and anyone who needs custom applications. PaaS offers hosted application servers that have near-infinite scalability resulting from the large resource pools they rely on. PaaS also offers necessary supporting services like storage, security, infrastructure integration and development tools for a complete platform.

As the cloud ecosystem evolves, EXILANT’s distinctive combination of industry knowledge, hands-on experience on PaaS ensures delivery of the right cloud offerings for various business situations.

The key driver for our client can be to provide an easy to use a common platform and application tool. In fact, cloud computing holds the potential to dramatically change the businesses that adopt it, even if the technologies are only used internally. While these possibilities are only now starting to become clear, we can get a sense of these now:

Focus on innovative solutions and experimentation from business

Innovative solutions are the need of the hour of growing business firms and organization that are migrating from legacy system to enterprise class applications. Business needs to enable prototyping and market validation of new approaches much faster and less expensively.

Leverage the popularity of Web 2.0

Most organizations are investing in web applications. But the web has grown considerably in the Web 2.0 era and the challenge emerges in scalability, performance, and satisfying various user groups. Can cloud provide a platform that can leverage Web 2.0 economically and quickly?

Cloud consulting

EXILANT provides IT Consulting services based on the expertise in the areas of business strategy development, business performance improvement, and audit services. EXILANT also help customers source / develop applications that help meet their business objectives.

Light-weight form of real-time applications

The lightweight, web-based applications required by business house that can reduce their manual effort of reconciliation, basic reporting and data uploads. A traditional development vs. cloud platform based development is one of the key points to move towards cloud model.

Business manage solution

Many solutions require increasingly less and less involvement from the IT department. Business users should be able to adopt many future cloud-computing solutions entirely using self-service.

EXILANT offers the following services to implement / migrate to cloud in PaaS model.

Development and implementation

EXILANT expertise and experiences helps custom application development, application management, implementation, and migration much easier.

Establishing private network

EXILANT has good exposure to establish virtual private network between cloud and intranet of specific organization. This helps to use ADFS authentication for the custom application


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