Consumer Packaged Goods

Digital business transformation of consumer packaging goods (CPG) industry is influencing business outcomes. Industries are prioritizing investments in product innovation. Globalization and introduction of new products have made the competition more intense. Time to market for new product needs to be significantly reduced due to intense competition in the industry. Industry leaders along with retail-partners are re-organizing their strategy towards data driven digital from traditional models. Rapid innovations in technology have introduced a new dimension to the business strategy. Increasing application of social media, mobility, cloud and big data has helped shift the focus towards consumers.

Following are the challenges faced by consumer packaged goods industry

Changing consumer demands

As the middle class population increases, worldwide demand for consumer goods will also increase. Along with this, further challenges arise in fulfilling the demand of aging customer requirements – different size, packaging, and health-related ingredients. The success of companies lies on how effective CPG companies are addressing the changing demands of consumers.


Today’s generation of shoppers is very demanding and this is a major driver of innovation in the CPG industry. Thanks to social media, there is continuous feedback from consumers about the quality and fitness for purpose of products. Companies have realized that they must create new products, achieve faster time to market and lower operational costs in order to remain competitive and grow.

Compliance and regulatory pressure

CPG companies are facing the challenges of mitigating operational risks and managing conformance due the demanding nature of global regulatory environment. As the industry is globalized, manufactures rely on global supplier network for operating margins and meeting international compliance and regulations becomes a crucial factor.


Our Offerings


Supply Chain Big Data Analytics

Businesses lack real-time data visibility and have no common view across the business and channels. This leads to lack of synchronization between planning and execution. Inventory visibility gaps, no visibility of safety stock levels are causing frequent stock-outs or excess inventory. These are leading to lack of flexibility in the network and affecting business decisions. To maintain customer service levels high and to be profitable, companies need inventory visibility and optimized network. This can be done by providing the required analytics platform for business to make fast, accurate and responsive decisions.

EXILANT offers an interactive supply chain analytics solution for managing the various components of the supply chain and dig deeper for savings and efficiencies. The solution provides analytics to gain insights into supply chain visibility, inventory management, procure-to-pay cycle, and supply chain finance and factory management. The solution provides ability to analyze key supply chain metrics across the supply chain spectrum to understand and influence supply chain performance. Users can view all information through a rich dashboard facility. Through the use of the solution, companies can improve supply chain performance and use the insights to reduce supply chain costs. In addition, users can create custom reports by using extensive measures, dimensions and facts.

Innovation Management

With changing consumer needs, CPG companies are under constant pressure to offer new products that meet market expectations. Companies are increasingly turning towards innovation management to invest in the right portfolio of products, build value for customers and ultimately grow brands that are universally accepted. However there are challenges to innovation management: low success rate of new products, determination of the optimal portfolio of products, and not enough product ideas of high value. The right approach towards innovation aligned to the organizational strategy can create value and bring in the best of internal and external stakeholders in the value chain.

EXILANT offers a comprehensive innovation management solution that covers all aspects: conversion, execution and product development processes. It also helps companies manage their portfolio of products balancing breakthrough versus incremental product enhancements and managing short term gains with long term bets. The solution offers the idea to approve cycle and additionally helps CPG companies to budget, allocate scarce resources and track progress against each initiative. Above all, the solution offers the company an integrated platform to manage the complete portfolio of R&D with effective risk management and controls. The solution is comprehensive and offers the functionalities of strategic planning, investment analysis, capacity planning, resource management, project and portfolio management combined with analytics for reporting and control.


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