User Experience and Usability


In the ever changing business and technology landscape, EXILANT’s User Experience led transformation, provides tremendous value in terms of enhancing human productivity, establishing new ways of working and leveraging technology for customers’ better business life.

Our User Experience Services group has various Centers of Excellence such as User Experience Architecture, Interaction Design, Web Analytics, UI Design and UI Development that bring the right mix of readiness to serve customers demand on User Experience.

We provide the best User Experience by way of applications and web content that will ease the users’ understanding process thereby, accessing information for better decision-making, improved productivity, better conversion rates, saving money on training, rework and maintenance.

Our philosophy is to bring in simplicity in content presentation and enables users to get what they need quickly and easily while considering their psychology, mental models, behavioral & interaction patterns and demographic specifications. We are enthusiastic in taking challenges that modern technology throws everyday.


Users, Technology & Business are the key drivers of our Business Xperience Design (BXD) model. The personalized compelling design process that influences users’ acceptance, optimizes the front-end technology, enhances scalability & performance and derives ROI through improved end-users’ productivity.

BXD illustrates a simplified design process that aligns with any technological evolution that industry experiences time and again. It is pragmatically defined based on EXILANT’s belief that our UX business is to address and eliminate customers’ day-to-day business operational challenges and barriers.

Rapid UX solutioning strategy essentially brings up the snippet of a solution that helps in executing the entire project with clarity of work around, defined inputs & outputs, business ROI justification and the way forward on the project delivery plan before kicking off the full phase of the project.

Design Principles & Standards that are followed by EXILANT’s UX team

Gestalt Principles: Gestalt principles clearly define how to distribute elements on the page/shape, when and why to use line delineation, background shading, a gradient, or when and why to group things in an enclosure (or not).

Divine Proportions: The ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio. The rationale behind it is the belief that this proportion is organic, universal, harmonic and aesthetically pleasing.

Color Theory: Color theory creates a logical structure in colors and also the scientific color combinations called harmonies help in creating soothing and attractive color combinations. Ex: Complementary, Triad, Analogous, Monochromatic, etc.

Fitts Law Application: This principle is applied to achieve “quicker to the target object” for navigation or any action on the UI that ensures more convenient use of the application by the users.


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