High Tech and ISV

The ubiquitous presence of technology in consumers’ lives is rapidly changing the business landscape. Putting digitalization technologies to use is already creating leaders in terms of market share and profits. Responding effectively and quickly to customer needs through technology affects the bottom line and may even affect business survival.  Organizations that embrace digital technology will realize a boost in their operational efficiency, provide a better customer experience and create new business models to compete. Organizations are realizing this imperative and have embarked on the journey of creating value through digitalization.


The following are the challenges facing High tech and ISV companies

Manufacturing value chain

Companies are facing traceability and compliance issues due to increasing operational burdens, as in a global manufacturing system the end-product is routed through 2 or 3 continents before reaching the end customer. Production, logistics and supply chain and marketing need to be made efficient to stay profitable in competitive world. To undergo transformation for this sector, companies need a 3-D value chain: Demand-oriented, Data driven and Digital execution.


Global businesses need to adhere to complex regulations. Countries are mandating new regulations and changing old regulations. Organizations are responsible for the complete life cycle of the product, so they need to adhere to regulations at all stages. Manufacturers need to start looking at these in the early stages of product development to avoid high costs.

Cost pressure

There is a pressure to reduce costs due to competitive markets. As the functions of products from two different companies have become very similar, price becomes a major factor for differentiation. Products of this digital age always have price competition which effectively negates the economic feasibility on which operations were based. So, industry leaders need to look into demand planning, inventory handling, productivity and operation excellence.

Green business

The world is embracing pro-environmental lifestyles, at an accelerated pace. Investments are made towards green manufacturing. The entire eco-system is under transformation to support this change. Manufacturers need to take advantage of this situation by making their products environmentally friendly.

Our Offerings

Product Engineering and Product Support

ISVs today feel the competitive pressure to enhance product functionality and technology. To achieve greater margins by lowering costs and increasing revenue, companies need to have an efficient lifecycle management. There is a business case for ISVs to outsource product engineering to rapidly develop  product features that meet changing market needs. Backed by experience in product engineering EXILANT offers product engineering services to ISVs that comprehensively manages the product development life cycle: from product design to product architecture, development and validation.

  • Faster development cycles
  • Reduced product costs
  • Leverage expertise in building in house products
  • Leverage resource pool with new technology knowledge and skills
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Assured quality
  • Best in class UX design (through our UX offering)
Testing Services

Independent Validation and Verification

Digitalization of business processes today demand compressed go-to-market timeline with a strong focus on quality. High quality and independent validation is critical for successful software product and service roll-outs while ensuring business continuity.

At EXILANT we bring an affordable balance between cost of quality and risk associated while helping our customers accelerate digitalization of their business. Our iTAP testing methodology addresses this need for rapid and managed development processes such as Devops. It also helps assure quality during technology modernization initiatives ensuring business continuity.


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