The rapid adoption and usage of digital technologies has transformed businesses across industries. Mobile technologies are especially impactful as they have enabled companies to not only streamline their operations but also engage more effectively with customers and tap into new sources of revenue.

But the journey to successful digital transformation is not always easy. Security concerns, technology adoption and integration and resource constraints are frequently cited as impediments to more rapid adoption of transformative technologies.

Business needs

  • Key means to engage with customers
  • Need better customer insights and targeted selling
  • Faster on-field customer acquisition
  • Well thought design feature set and quick deployment
  • Workflow approvals through mobile
  • Integration of social networking

Technology needs

  • Decoupling server side component from all kind of form factors
  • Immersive user experience with minimal clicks
  • Well conceived feature set and focus on security

Real time sales tracking world wide during special events like Black Friday, product launch etc., for management to monitor the sales any time, anywhere

Go green app to increase the awareness of carbon footprint

App for effective classroom management in schools

Private wealth management app for interactively managing investments

EXILANT’s “SMART MOBILITY” starts with analyzing the strategic mobility needs for digital transformation. Our development approach on security, cross-platform support and rapid development results in improved internal collaboration, enhanced staff engagement, reduced costs and increased revenues for our customers and their customers.

Mobility Solution Option I -01

Rapid Integration Platform Architecture using Open Source

  • Use OpenMeap as application platform
  • Integrate various sources using Camel
  • Interface between UI and Server using ServiceMix
  • Browser for rendering UI
  • This architecture coupled with our UX offerings delivers attractive and pleasant user interface solution
Mobility Solution Option II-01

Partner Solutions for Integration

  • Use Native App for All devices – uses OS features
  • IP protected easily configurable components on server side
  • Metadata driven UI
  • Adaptors for interfacing with standard packages/webservices
  • Option for writing custom adaptors
  • This architecture coupled with our UX offering delivers attractive and pleasant user interface solution
Mobility Solution Option III -01

Custom Solution

  • Custom code designed for clients need
  • Native/HTML5 interfacing with Server
  • MVC based server implementation in DMZ
  • Server interfaces with various services to retrieve/update data
  • This architecture couple with our UX offering delivers attractive and pleasant user interface solution

Case Study 1

Retail store metric on a real-time and mobile platform

Case Study 2

Sales force automation for a leading Indian Private Life Insurer


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