Our purpose

To deliver software solutions in a manner that materially improves customer experience by applying new and disruptive technology to customer’s business situations.

Our beliefs

We believe that yesteryear’s paradigm of economic and business models are inadequate to secure future success. Businesses are constantly looking to create new paradigms that exploit the power of digitalization technologies to provide superior customer experiences, new business models and product offerings.

We believe that customers are often disenchanted with their buying and usage experience with respect to cost and time predictability, business alignment, fitness for purpose. Customers buy results not just software.

We believe that creating ‘positive human experiences’ is the cornerstone to earn trust and build long term relationships. We believe that customers seek ‘peace of mind’ in the engagement with vendors.

We believe in channelizing the strength and passion of our employees in fulfilling their aspirations.

Our motivation

We share a strong conviction that current customer engagement approaches have plateaued in their ability to provide radical changes in terms of business alignment, risk management and cost predictability.

Our value proposition

Our insights into the customer’s processes and pain points have helped us evolve a new approach, to help replace existing cost and technology ineffective packages. This approach aims to help our clients manage change gracefully and effectively. Clients have received our approach very well.

Using this approach, we increase the pace at which we assist our clients at every stage of the software development lifecycle. The quick turnaround spun by our approach provides an exciting value proposition to our clients in spite of IT budget constraints. For instance, the value proposition is especially accentuated when clients are looking for custom solutions suited to their own specific needs.

An indigenously built framework on which most of our applications run drives our engagement model. The model works on a ‘Show and Tell’ principle that accommodates changes early in the life cycle to avoid hidden cost escalations in the change management journey.

We understand that customers buy results not just software and hence business benefits are key focus of our engagement. Our philosophy is to bring simplicity in content presentation in an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing way considering behavioral and interactions pattern.

Some of the accolades

  • Chosen as “Company of the year – 2013” – CIO Review
  • In 2009, we were the recipient of the “Best Performer Award” under the SMBs category at the Software Technology Parks of India IT exports awards for our revenue growth in the FY 09-10.

Partnering with customers

EXILANT has sustained long term relationships with several large customers. We believe that collegial, collaborative partnerships provide rich dividends to both our customers and us. Therefore we consider ourselves not as mere service providers but continuously aspire to be enablers of transformation in our customer’s organization.

The maturity of our relationship with customers progresses through 5 phases. In the beginning stages we believe that we need to be relevant and responsive to customer needs. Over a period of consistent fulfillment, we are able to gain trust through display of character, competency and consistency. As we gain knowledge of our customer’s processes, we are able to show value by articulating business benefits. In the fourth phase, we provide ideas and solutions leveraging our insights into the customer business. In the final phase of the maturity model, we are able to assist the customer by catalyzing the agenda for change in the organization.

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