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We are engineers working with engineers on things that matter. Industrial engineering and manufacturing are the core verticals we work with. We partner with the industry to enable a transition from where they are to where they would like to be. Factories of future and Industry 4.0 are more than just concepts for us. Technology is our core.

It’s the best ideas and solutions from our customers that we enable with technology,  to solve the industry challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our current Focus:

Precision Manufacturing Industries – Small Parts

Precision Manufacturing Industries are our current focus. We work on optimization of manufacturing process of small parts. Our software will be used in CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) machines. Software will be programmed in such a way it handles the CNC machining, CNC milling & precision engineering.

Additional features of software which are very generic to sliding head lathe. While CAM tools do provide productivity, flexibility is often limited. New features also include, quick & easy set up of tools, parallel programming operations, supporting different formats which results in improved efficiency, cycle time & high quality of the machines.



Programming a Multi Spindle & Multi Operation Machine has never been easier

Multi Operation Programming System developed by EASY SA and EXILANT GmbH is a revolutionary programming method for optimal utilization of Numerical Control features by generating commands for combined movement of several axis. MOPS can be installed as an application within the CNC (with PC features) or can be installed on a dedicated PC connected to the machine on Ethernet



Gain insights into Manufacturing. To solve a problem, make it visible.

Production Monitoring Systems is one of the first enablers, an enterprise would implement to gain visibility into production operations. Developed by EXILANT GmbH, this is completely customizable to user requirements. With well-defined information integration architecture and connected systems there would be one single version of truth across the enterprise


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