EXILANT Technologies Files Multiple Patents for Commercial Exploitation of CoAP

EXILANT Technologies Private Limited announced today that it has filed multiple patent applications that cover security aspects in a Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) based message exchange.

Few months ago, the EXILANT Innovation Labs, called ZagLabs had launched CoAPSharp, the world’s first CoAP implementation that works on the Microsoft’s .NET Micro Framework. This implementation allows us to create the Internet of Things using embedded hardware that runs on the Microsoft’s .NET Micro Framework. As with any commercial offering, security is an important aspect. While the CoAP specification outlines message structure and protocol rules, it does not provide specific guidance on security. It does propose various options like use of DTLS and certificates, but there is much work to be done in this regard. ZagLabs has taken the next step in introducing security aspects in a CoAP based message exchange. ZagLabs has created a unique method of authentication, message integrity detection and replay-attack prevention when two or more constrained nodes participate in a message exchange using the CoAP protocol irrespective of whether the channel is secured using DTLS or not.

“Any viable commercial exploitation of CoAP requires ability to safely and securely exchange messages between two of more constrained nodes. The patents filed by ZagLabs of EXILANT will open up new possibilities for designers and engineers and will allow them to now focus more on the business problem.” said Mr. Vishnu Sharma, Head of ZagLabs, EXILANT’s innovation arm. “This is one small step in securing CoAP based message exchange that we believe will go a long way.” he said.

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